At the Heart of International Medical and Healthcare Recruitment 

Welcome to the 4Locum Network.  As a healthcare employer or medical recruitment agency you need to have access to potential medical specialists and healthcare talent that are potentially seeking out new opportunities. At 4Locum we have created a global network that provides you with the latest social media recruitment connectivity as well as many of the traditional online recruitment tools that we know you value. So how can we help you?

Extending your International Reach
The US, UK, Australia and Canada have highly developed, complex medical and healthcare sectors that completely rely on international talent to support their patients needs.  So much so that International Healthcare Recruitment now accounts for an estimated $1.4 billion a year and is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Healthcare Employers have recognised they need to extend their reach internationally.


Getting Noticed Internationally
Our network spans continents and creates a simple environment where Healthcare Employers across the US, UK, Australia and Canada can advertise their opportunities knowing that their “hard to fill” medical and healthcare posts are being considered by professionals from other developed healthcare economies such as Pan-Asia, India, Africa, China and Russia.

Delivering Success
4Locum delivers the first stage for a doctor, or a nurse, or other Allied Healthcare professionals to make contact with potential employers searching for specific skills. So if you are an employer wanting to reach out then get your jobs advertised on the 4Locum platform.

4Locum Added Value
If you are looking to explore a more comprehensive service then email us with your project brief and let us create a campaign and methodology that enables you to find international medical talent.

  • Job Advertising to Healthcare professionals in US, UK, Australia, Canada & India
  •  Doctor Recruitment Campaign Management 
  •  Nurse Recruitment Campaign Management
  • Allied Healthcare professionals Recruitment Campaign Management
  • Human Resources Project Delivery
  • Recruitment Networks Set Up and Supply in Africa, China and Russia
  • Visa & Immigration Services for Employers and Potential Employees*
  • Country & Culture Familiarization*
  • Welfare Management, Relocation, Accomodation and Travel Services*
  • Money, Tax, Finance, Insurance Guides *             


Email the 4Locum Team for more information and get access to our Group Services - or call us on 0207 193 6606 or use our LIVECHAT on our website to access immediate help.

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